Best App Developers know about the upcoming Technolgies in Android

There is an ever increasing use of android phones, andriod wearable and tablets, and there are millions of users who install apps on their android devices. Developing smart apps require expert and reliable developers. Most app developers generally have the basic web app development skills. They are comfortable with using andriod platform, android studio and command line tools. The andriod platform is cool in many ways. It is used to support phones, wearble devices and tablets. A good enough Android app developer is familiar with the use of android SDK , which has a plethora of libraries and development tools. The native libraries are crucial in quick rendering of the web page and quick updation of the display. Great Android developers stay abreast of newly launched technologies. They are capable of implementing new technologies in Andriod app development such as Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android 5.1, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and Android 4.4 KitKat. Additionally, highly proficient app developers are aware of the pros and cons of different Android version. They can simultaneously work on newer version and old version. Most often they can break it down logicaly why they chose one version over another in accordance to the requirements of the projects they are currently working on.

Look at that Portfolio to Filter for the Best Android App Developer

Look at the pedigree of the team of developers in the app development company. Examine their portfolio carefully.

Ask the developers specific questions about what they achieved on different web app development projects. Always emphasie quality over quantity when collaborating with the best developers. The quality of their experince will ensure that you have a great app. Developers appreciate when they are questioned about their passion and talent in app dvelopment. Give them an opportunity to share with you their innovation quotient. You may want to discuss with the developers a few things such as:

  1. Do they have experience of leveraging different features such that the Android app can deliver great user experince on different Android devices.
  2. Do they have experience creating apps in different languages?
  3. Do they have experience of building customized UI design, buidling apps rich in animation and graphics that load faster and have custom transitions.
  4. Do they experience of syncing the app to web services in the cloud, which will ensure that your app has the ability to seamlessly run on multiple Android devices.

Excellent developers are proficient in many different programming languages. They have automated testing, automated build system and they follow programing best practices. They make sure that the functionality of the created app is great on a consistent basis.

Best Android App Developers are a Pleasure to talk to

Make sure the app development company have an experienced developer with whom you can talk at ease and discuss your project requirements at great length. Make sure they are able to create apps that target you audience and are open to communication. Ideally your requirements and the developers skill must be a perfect match. Look into their web app development plan for your requirements, see if the pricing structure works for you and if the number of hours required for completion of the project makes sense to you. Besides exceptional communication skills great app developers should have a feel for your business like what should the product deliver to your customer, what is your marketing strategy and what is your budget. These conversations will allow you to get an understanding of their capabilities and the value they will bring to your business. Also make sure you request to preview your apps (with minimum features yet functional) and discuss warranty conditions like free debugging within 30 days of app creation.

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