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Congratulations on choosing a mobile app for your business. Now the question arises, “Should you build a native app or a cross platform app?” Since the target audience is split between Android, iOS and Windows Phone, implementation of multiple platforms for designing really make sense. If you aspire for Cross-Platform Mobile App Design for your business, you have to have assistance from reliable App Design Company that laid sound foundation for lucrative results.

As Righty said, as coin have two sides, any platform or technology encompass drawbacks as well as some advantages of its use in real sense. Let’s throw some light on Pros and Cons of using cross platform app design.


Greater reach:

An application is meant to grab more and more customers to increase revenues and make businesses flourish in market. So as to deliver high grade commitment and reach potential customers, there has to be multitude of platforms so that people with varying interests, whatever they wish, wherever they go, how they access services comes under one single podium beneficial fulfilling needs of each one of them without any sort of sacrifice.

Bridging Gap between customers and vendors:

In present scenario, businesses demand to extract huge fan bases, for that they decide to have an app designed from App Design Company so to meet all requirements on varying platforms. When you have a comprehensive range of platform for android, iOS and Windows OS users, you will have stronger grip on their purchase. A communication app really makes a big difference when it comes to delivering a solution having distinct behavior but serving common goal.

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

When a big percentage of audiences make use of one common platform, communication becomes effortless. But the prime challenge arises when target audiences differ in their choice of platform. Catering to the varying needs of customers, whether they employ iOS, Windows or Android there evolves requirement to design for multiple platforms. A reliable App design company knows the positives and consequences behind adoption of one particular platform, so they give value addition to business.

Easy Marketing:

With huge fan base, marketing seems easy in the sense, a business need not to draft niche messages to communicate to a class of users. With marketing on various media, a business is one ease while communicating or conveying messages to masses. A generalized message will work out in all matters of client customer interaction for enhanced engagement.


Flaws in user interaction:

Android and IPhone devices works on two distinct screen layouts. Designing one app that fulfills demands of varying platform usually give rise to adhoc conflicts.

Loss of Flexibility:

Diff platforms possess different flexibility, which is why they sustain in market. When you plan to design an app on cross platform, you’re compelled to keep keen eye on the commonalities. This in turn results in loss of flexibility and multiple issues arise, all of a sudden.

Hard to brawl off varying tools and languages:

There are n number of tools like Unity, Ramp, Grapple, Open Plug, PhoneGap, Rhomobile and Titanium and to work on varied frameworks, designers need to inherit functionality. They find it difficult to ignore the preferences of user and stay updated at each instance, that lead to worst issues that are hard to tackle.

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