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Market Scenario

Custom mobility app has now become a growing trend. Today, it’s not possible to deny the positive influence that mobile has brought into the corporate sector. People are working from home, consumers are getting engaged on their terms and businesses are delivering innovative models. Consequently, enterprises want to proceed with custom mobile app development. A CDW’s research, surveying 374 mobile app decision makers revealed that the enterprise mobile app market to get doubled from 2012 to 2018 with $61 billion expense. Most businesses use custom mobility apps to tailor their distinct work requirements with the features of the apps. 55% companies host mobile apps in in-house data center, 40% in third-party and 5% in both internal and third-party data center. Usually, the custom enterprise apps are used for communication, data access, productivity, sales support, business process and service support. The sales professionals are found to use 35% custom enterprise apps, IT systems use 32% and the usage of senior management, marketing, general staff, field service and finance stands at 31%, 29%, 26%, 25% & 18% respectively.

App Benefits

Now, why the custom mobile app is so much in demand? It’s simple because it saves time, money and generates additional revenue in business. On an average a business can save 7.5 hrs per worker every week and generate additional 16% revenue by using custom enterprise apps. As per CDW survey, the benefits of using custom enterprise apps are for increased efficiency (46%), remote working facility (39%), sales support (35%), customer communication (36%), data access (34%) and competitive advantage (25%). 72% survey respondents showed their interest of continuing investment in custom mobile apps and 42% revealed their plan of investment within a year. So, one can say that the future of enterprise mobile market lies in custom applications.

Development Tools

The scope of custom mobile apps varies widely and one particular app is not ideal for everybody. Still, the developers and designers love to be creative with each custom mobile app development. Let’s check out the tools they use for creating custom mobile apps. They often take the help of Alpha Anywhere, which is a database focussed tool for making sophisticated apps with a blend of configurable apparatuses, code-generation genies, visual design tools and JavaScript coding. It’s good for a web, mobile web system as well as mobile hybrid development. Alpha’s support for offline operation, data synchronization and data conflict resolution makes it stand out as a competitive development tool. Besides, AnyPresence is ideal for online app building and back-end service. It combines client support, code generation, data storage and enterprise integration and design environment live online. It is outstanding because of its way of integrating data model through design environment and generated code. Moreover,’s integration with Ionic SDK helps developers to create hybrid mobility apps with the usability of native applications in the enterprise. Using API Express, developers can integrate mobile apps with any backend system within enterprise or with cloud service. In fact, Appery looks forward to integrate its IOS App Builder and Backend Services with Verivo’s enterprise connectivity to build next generation mobility platform.

Developer Dynamics

The use of mobile app is rising incredibly to solve the problems of the users. This has led to a growing demand for instant data and updates without an ample physical network to deliver on that promise. Hence, the developers often face fierce competition with temperamental users who quickly change apps if they don’t experience best performance. In order to meet user expectations in a fast – paced world, the developers are working on an integrated solution. Since the mobile app is outperforming the desktop market consistently, the developers are focussing on the consumers’ demand persistently, without leaving any chance for a bad user experience. Moreover, the developers now focus on the number of bytes transmitted during transaction to determine whether they are required or not. This helps to combat mobile network latency and provide a good experience for users. The developers also plan for explosive growth because if an application goes viral suddenly, they may have to scale millions of customer base. So, they are making use of libraries that emphasize on low latency data distribution at scale for developing users’ bases intelligently without making any alteration to the core architecture. Finally, they never overlook the fact that they may lose in the mobile app development competition. Even today, it’s found that many applications only support Android or IOS. However, if an app doesn’t support all mobile platforms, including Blackberry, Windows, Android or IOS, it could remain as just a flavor of the week and may fail to take a mass adoptive force. Android is a dominant player globally, but in the US, IOS is a fierce competitor. Nevertheless, isolating a substantial market segment leads to slower adoption or even no adoption at all in some cases. As a result, developers are finding solutions to create a custom mobile app development quickly for all operating systems.

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