If you have chosen android platform for developing your first application, you need to be familiarized with background specifications and a little investment for a bang- on start. Now, let’s dive into vast pool of development tools required by Top Development Company to create a smart application:

1. AppMachine: Mobilize your business through apps


Help build business and customer-oriented professional apps with easy- to- use drag and drop interfaces,
making it render convenient and fast end-user experiences.

1. Combines building blocks to inculcate features like content, photos, video and simultaneously link
social medias like Twitter and Facebook

2. Create native apps and furnish everything you need to run & promote them on Google Play

3. Design software with unique styles, navigation paths, fonts, colors and icons

4. Full control on design layout thru previewer, design and edit while you progresses

2. The AppBuilder : Powering delighted experience for employees, partners and clients


Development tool, high on demand, build apps suited to everyone in an organization ranging from employees,
corporate clients and business partners.

1. 2- Variant approaches online toolkit and training module.

2. Dedicated App Library offering users with a single window displaying multiple apps, easily customizable.

3. Fairly secure public and private apps using username and password access on AppStore.

4. Developers can amend changes in content of apps and its structure, even after going live.

3. Mobile Roadie: Powerful app creator


It’s an efficient builder that permits developers to build and manage android and ios apps with precision.
A potent solution for application development, if used for marketing for a brand promotion proves beneficial.

1. Supports innumerable media types including Twitter, RSS feed automatic import

2. Excellent guidance in development with feature to check authenticity of content used

3. Exciting auto-refresh feature for fan wall with chat facility for users in real time

4. Good Barber : Zone of Beautiful Apps


Preferable platform with customizable 9 colorful design templates, 350 striking icons and 600+ Google
Fonts to start building a beautiful app, developer is at full control of every detail of app without even running
a single line of code.

5. Appery.io: Boost Mobile Innovation for Enterprises


A cloud-based platform with easy to access visual development tools and well integrated backend processes.

1. Plugin catalog for enhanced functionality & easy amendments

2. Visual editor to build UI with drag and drop options

6. Appy Pie: No programming skills needed to create app


A cloud-based DIY android app development tool, with nothing required to install and run to create an application.

1. Easy & fast, just drag and drop

2. Perfection integration with SoundCloud & Open table

7. BiznessApps: Reasonable app development for small businesses


Competent CMS create apps in minutes, with wealth of features like shopping cart, food ordering and third party
integration customize everything with pre-build UI. Real time previews and easy update make it comprehensive
choice for developers.

8. GameSalad: Create Game apps without coding skills


A developer who wish to create game apps, but lack programming skills, need to use this amazing development
tool to build gaming applications.

1. Actor & scene editor feature help set your favorite character and create images and other attributes

2. Easy navigation among actors help furnish innovation in user gaming experience

9. ShoutEm: Beautiful Apps in no time and least efforts


Work wonders in building a smart and user-friendly app with precision.

1. Customizable UI

2. Competent CMS

3. Enhanced user engagement & monetiation options

4. Robust solution to create an exceptionally fast and cost effective means for most requirements

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