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Acceptance Ratings narrates the success story & hard work behind every single iOS App. A thriving iOS App development is followed by series of steps:

Great Idea

Ideally, a creative idea led to evolution of an innovative mobile application. However, weaving thoughts and converting one into actual implementation are like two-way street. A list of client specifications in form of story boarding by IOS app development Company help things done, the way client demands and a user aspire from an app.

1. Know your target audience: App content and experience may vary depending upon the class of targeted users.

2. Purpose behind the release: The purpose behind the app defines the prototype for which it is intended to write and present to its users. Make sure to have something unique that motivate users to use this app.

3. Motive: Any app that is designed and developed is meant to ease problem solving technique with its unique solutions. Know what problem it is going to solve this time.

4. Type of content incorporated in app: An app must complement its design for enhanced user experience, so know ways how it is going to interact with users


A prototype sets a layout of how an app is going to function, while going through numerous stages. Visualization is prepared using wire-frames to give a clear understanding of look and feel of an app on iPhone device. Basically it comprises of a storyboard stating the actual description of whole structure of an app.

Pixel Perfect Graphic Design

Once idea is converted into a well -defined plan, next step to decide is: what should be the design of User Interface. A design need to go in tune with its motto and must define the app, what it is trying to present to end users. A design is stepping stone to success of an app, so it becomes mandatory to have striking UI designed from iOS App Development Company.

It should be user- friendly

1. User feel easy to interact with app interface
2. Must convey its motto in clear, effective and straightforward manner

A story boarding is performed to carry out designing and implementation in a graphical environment. A story is build to give an idea of how actual plan going through various stages till final execution. Views are used in a useful and elegant form to display what was the plan, how it is being build, what’s working well as desired and what’s not, so that if required changes can be done to an interface.


IOS apps operate on Event Driven Programming, wherein system events and user actions determine the flow of an app. Developers approach programming of an app in various stages or iterations. Contact iOS App Development Company for skilled app developers who possess skill and experience to accomplish the task with precision.


This is the time when app is all set to hit the market with a big bang through its release in App Store. Before an app is ready to be downloaded by user, it needs to have an approval from Apple Review Team. Any new brand or a product that enters App Store is checked thoroughly before its release.

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