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Fact #1: A staggering 1.2 billion individuals across the globe were using mobile applications on their smartphones by the end of the year 2012.

Fact #2: On an average, a person spends 158 minutes on their smartphone or mobile tablet in a day, with 76% of that time spent on mobile apps.

Fact #3: By the year 2017, one can estimate to have the downloading of apps reaching the highest of 200 billion downloads compared to the existing 80 billion mark.

Based on these astounding numbers, we are looking at 500,000 new jobs being added each year in the Indian Sub-continent alone! This is currently the power of the world of mobile application development companies. So, now why is there a high demand for mobile application development all around the world?

Why mobile apps?

Every business is driven by the demand and usability of the product. Every single person on this globe wants to be able to perform tasks and operations in the most efficient way, or, they want to be able to do so in the easiest way possible. What can be easier than having every single site or utility at the touch of a button and at the palm of your hand? That’s where the mobile generation comes in. But, this is not only for sites having a mobile version of it, this belongs to the millions and billions of apps in your precious hands.

The journey has been a long one and with the increase in sales of portable devices, that is, mobile phones and more recently, smartphones, the development of apps has garnered more than its share of opulence.

In the U.S, studies show that on an average a person lives with approximately 100 mobile applications installed on their phones. This is directly proportional to demand for development and redevelopment of such apps.

Currently, the market shows applications developed for many categories of utility be it games, communication, education, finance, lifestyle, or music and movies. Mobile application development companies strive to put their best foot forward.

More of apps, means more of mobile application development companies churning them out. The increase is a tremendous 82% from 2011, providing employment for a majority of the work force in the world. These companies are economy driving catalysts, really putting the financial sector onto the fast lane.

By 2017, we are expecting a majority of our daily usage to be on our mobile devices itself. Coming to daily usage, currently, stats show that from the wee hours of morning (usually work travel time) till it’s time to go to bed, usage of apps is on the rampage. Work hours are mostly dominated by desktop computers and the websites accessed through desktop browsers, but with the growing trend, it just seems to be a matter of time till a mobile application development company devours offices too.

Who are these companies?

These companies are mostly small congregations aiming at providing the necessary services to people needing them. While we have big names such as Apple and Android with the majority of the stakes (75%), small companies reign over games and education with a 78% and 87% stake respectively.

Eli Epstein, from says, “The forecast is looking sunny for hungry entrepreneurs who want to get an idea off the ground.”, and this is the forecast soon coming true.

For all the reasons, right or wrong, we have investors looking forward to these many a mobile application development company. This demand for them is ever increasing and as tech gurus predict, they are here to stay.

With more and more cutting edge technologies coming in your way every single day, the demand and hence the supply is ever on the increase. And that, my friend, is how the COOKIE crumbles!

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