Our work will surely make Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little – founders of WordPress in 2003- very proud!

Let's start with some fun facts we bet you didn't know. It was September 22 of 2005 when Andrew Eddie came out with a idea and screamed out loud JOOMLA! for the first time. The English version of the Swahili word jumla has a similar meaning in Urdu and Arabic, and seems to suit the idea of this Open Source Content Management System really, really well! This word, used in three different languages spoken in such different cultures of the world, means "all together" or 'as a whole', exactly what a CMS is about!

The Content Management Systems were created to make the teamwork easier and we are very thankful for that! The Techcuff crew can help you create Responsive CMS Websites in both sources WordPress and Joomla, the first and second most used CMS on the Internet! Let the WP Development in our hands as a WordPress UX Design Company, we'll provide you with custom WordPress plugin development and theme development.