Internet has brought the world closer and opened a million doors for small and big business around the globe, but with it came along a lot of challenges and a tough competition.

To survive in the wild territory of the World Wide Web, you have to be attractive as a peacock, strong as an ox and clever as a fox. But that's not all! You also have to be interesting, relevant, persuasive, engaging and rank on the first pages of the Search Engines! LOST?? Don't be! Just let us perform our SEO magic with your website, blog and Social Networks.

Behind are the days when a couple of flyers were enough to promote your business and the clients were around the corner. Internet has brought the world closer and opened a million doors for small and big business around the globe, but with it came along a lot of challenges and a tough competition. The Online Marketing for your sites is now as important as the Design & Development parts, since now you have the opportunity to reach customers from diverse points of the map, with different needs, perspectives and interests.

Our experience working with and for companies all over the map has taught us important lessons about how to reach the people looking for different products and services with the companies willing to provide them with them! Let this experienced team take the lead in your Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing campaigns. We will analyze the face of your organization to create a unique and smart strategy that will help you get the leads you want and expand to reach your goals. What do you want? Let’s talk! Contact us NOW!

Search Engine Optimization

The expression 'Search Engine' may not ring a bell for most of the cybernautes! But words like Google and Yahoo surely do!, Bing and AOL Search are just some of the big names in the long list of search engines that people use daily to help them browse the millions of websites in the Internet and find exactly what they are looking for.

By entering a keyword of what we exactly want or even a query on the little box, a world of answers and possibilities opens up in front of us within seconds. SEO is certainly an art mastered by experienced and creative marketers, some of them who happened to be here at Techcuff!

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search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

While the SEO techniques look to lead traffic to your website in an organic way, the Search Engine Marketing is closer to the old ways of paid promotion that needs to be equally wise and well-thought in order to achieve the same goals be seen, clicked, known and preferred!

The art of Marketing and Advertising combine their power with the SEO techniques to promote your website by making it visible in the Search Engine's results pages. Let the Techcuff crew develop creative and accurate 'Pay Per Click' –PPC- and 'Cost per Impression' campaigns to help you be in those first pages and reach the people that is already looking for you.

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Social Media Marketing

CREATIVITY and 'Out of the box' ideas are definitely necessary to promote your organization and make an impact in your customers and potential client's lives. Advertising and Marketing shouldn't be intrusive and end up repelling your customers instead of attracting them to your side!

To get to your potential customers, you need to know where they hang out. And while the mall, the park or the metro station are not the answer anymore... Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn represent the online version of those places with a little difference. we can be in all of them at the same time.

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